Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Garden on the Deck

Despite the snow predicted for this week (which I'm soooo excited for!) I've been thinking about spring and gardens and what to do on our back deck this summer. Since we live in a condo we do not have the luxury of having a garden in the yard so we need to utilize our deck better than we did last summer.

Jay wants to try again to grow tomatoes... he gets a few every summer but not the bounty he wants. We grew peppers last year, too, but did not get as many as we hoped for. We tried to grow cucumbers in a TopsyTurvy but had zero success.

One problem = we will be away for about three weeks from mid-June till the beginning of July. What to do with our plants? Wait till we get home or hope they survive with some friends watering them?

Here are a few ideas I've seen that I'm pondering for this summer. I really want to use the blank wall on our deck that separates our deck from the one next door.

Hanging Succulents...how cool are these? And they don't need a ton of water!
Wall Pots... love the pop of color!

Gutter Veggie Garden... would love to grow more herbs and lettuce. The basil on my kitchen window is looking sad.

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