Tuesday, February 16, 2010

For the Birds

We've decided to feed the birds this winter and have seen lots of them come to our back deck to eat... Chickadees, Downy woodpeckers, Bluejays, Cardinals and lots of others that we can't identify.
Let's talk about the cardinals... we have two males and one female that visit the feeder. One is obese. He sits there eating for 15 minutes at a time. Seriously, that long. He just sits and eats and you can see from this photo that he is BIG compared to the average weight one in the 2nd photo.

One night I just wanted to get the Christmas tree out of the house. Not knowing where to put it at 10pm, Jay just threw it out on the back deck. It sat there for a few days and then I decided to actually use it for a few months instead of just bringing it to the transfer station. I took some left over bagels, covered them with peanut butter and bird seed and hung them on the tree along with some chunks of suit. It looks pretty good... and the birds love it!

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