Sunday, November 1, 2009

Wedding Tree

When thinking about what to do for a "guest book" at our wedding I knew it had to be something different than just a name in a book.  I wanted our "guest book" to be creative and to have it somehow incorporate something personal from each guest.  When searching the incredible amount of bridal and wedding blogs out there... I found this posting with these examples.  

via A Mountain Bride - image by Jonas Peterson

Immediately, I knew, we would do this at our wedding.  So perfect in so many ways.  

I did some googling and found a tree form I liked and began to draw.  I used a large piece of water color paper and a thin, black Sharpie.  I did some cross hatching for texture and even "carved" a J + K in the tree trunk.  We used Color Box ink from Michael's in fall colors.

My mom took this photo as we were setting things up before the ceremony.  Our wedding tree came our better than imagined and looks so fabulous with all of our family and friends' finger prints!  It's being framed as I write this so I'll post a final photo soon!

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