Sunday, August 30, 2009

Goodbye, Ben

Ben was a handsome, black lab.
He was full of love and very loyal. 
Ben loved to take walks and swim.
He was always by your side. 

Ben was my Aunt's dog and when she would travel, 
Jay and I would take care of him.  
Unfortunately, Ben had been having a lot of trouble with his spine in the last year.  
He was in a lot of pain and at times could not even walk.  

Ben is now in a better place, and I know he is 
pain free up there in doggie heaven.

We love you, and miss you, Ben!  

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Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear that. We're affraid that Tucker won't be with Dave & Krista much longer, although he keeps trying. However, Jay can attest to Ben's choice of toys. "A dead raccoon is a good raccoon"! The Animal Rescue said this week that black Labs are tough to place down here.
Grampa & Gradma

Grampa & Grandma