Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Nevada Falls

After lunch in the sun at the top of Vernal Falls, a few of us decided to keep going up to Nevada Falls.  Maybe it's the sound, the mist, or the power of the water, but waterfalls amaze me.

Nevada Falls

Vernal Falls and Nevada Falls are part of the Merced River, the main river that runs through Yosemite Valley.

Dad and his girls on top of the falls.

The mighty Merced.

We saw two mule trains on their way back from the high Sierras.  They bring supplies to the camps there and take out the trash.  The camps in the high Sierras are much like the AT huts here in NH and the White Mountains.

The trail up to and down from Nevada Falls was a loop trail, so on our way down we turned and saw this amazing view of the falls.

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