Friday, February 13, 2009

Our Solar System

I am taking an online class right now through the American Museum of Natural History in NYC.  It's about the solar system, which is not my strong suit.  I pretty much know nothing about the solar system, but am learning quickly!  

Some interesting facts so far:
1 million Earths could fit inside the sun.
Mars has the largest volcano in the universe, called Olympus Mons.
Neptune is 3.5 billion miles from the sun and it's orbit takes 165 Earth years to complete.

One assignment we had was to make a scale model of the solar system using our neighborhood as the background.  It was actually fun to make and really brought home the relationship in size between the planets and their distances from the sun and each other.  Crazy stuff out there in space!

On a side note- just found out I am graduating grad school in May.  Yipee!

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